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Published: 16 May 2013

In this week's episode of the Joomla Beat podcast I kick off a series of Joomla search engine optimisation (SEO) tips for Joomla. It all comes from a presentation I did for the Sydney Joomla User Group in May and my recording of it didn't go too well, so I've split each tip on my main presentation into smaller podcast episodes.

I also have an awesome interview with Vic Drover from Anything Digital talking about the business, how he got into Joomla and also about his involvement with creating the spanish version of the Joomla! Content Magazine.


Show Notes

What I'm Using to Build the Joomla Beat Website

The website build isn't very complicated. In fact, a lot of it is almost core Joomla components and modules as influence by Brian Teeman. Using less is more...! Less things to update and maintain.

Here is a run down of all the things that make up the website

  • Hosting: SiteGround
  • Joomla build: latest Joomla 3 series
  • Template: T3 framework using the Blank T3 template with a few subtle HTML overrides and LESS changes
  • Front page slideshow: Unite Revolution Slider (so cool)
  • Commenting system: Disqus Comments integrated into a HTML override in the template
  • Recent comments: Disqus Recent comments JS API embedded in a custom HTML module
  • Facebook like box: Default code from developers.facebook.com
  • Latest article module: custom build from PB Web Development
  • Podcast feed generator: Custom PHP file that generate a RSS feed from the articles that are place in the Podcast category. Using the intro image and download links to generate the data for the RSS feed
  • Audio hosting: mixed with SoundCloud and SiteGround.

Thats about it. All the really technical stuff came into play when setting up the podcast feed to automatically pull in the information from the articles under a particular category. The rest of the site is pretty plain and straight forward until I get the new design implemented.

SEO Tip 1: Domain Name

On this weeks show I start the 7 ingredients to search engine optimisation for Joomla and I reveal my tips when choosing a domain name.

I've detailed all the steps and though process in my blog post, "Choosing a good keyword rich domain name". 

Interview with Victor Drover from Anything Digital

Victor Drover joins me on the show this week and reveals a bit of back story to how he discovered Joomla and got started working with it. He also tells me how he was a university professor or was going down that path until he decided to change direction and start Anything Digital.

Since then he's formed partnerships and worked with many other Joomla experts from around the world forming great teams and working on great projects from Josetta, Watchful.li, SH404SEF and many more.

I mentioned Watchful.li in episode 2 of the Joomla Beat Podcast and have also written a review of the Watchful.li.

Victor also goes into more detail about a recent project that he has been working on for the Joomla Content Magazine and that being the spanish version of the magazine.

He put in a lot of work setting up the site to be bilingual and allow the ability for translators to translate the english version of the magazine.

Resources that we mention in the podcast interview:


Make sure you listen to the next podcast where I have Victor on the show again to talk about SH404SEF, one of Anything Digital's great extensions which is used to optimise a lot of different aspects of Joomla from title tags, meta data and so forth and that will all be available in episode 19.


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Peter Bui

Peter Bui

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