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Published: 21 August 2013

This week I have an in depth analysis of content construction kits for Joomla that allow you to extend the basic content publishing system and allows you to publish all sorts of different content types using the Joomla CMS.

In the podcast I talk about K2, SobiPro, FlexiContent, Seblod and Zoo content construction kits and try and break them down to make them easier to understand and choose for your next Joomla project.

If you haven't used a content construction kit before or don't know what one is, then this podcast will take you through some of the more popular CCKs out there and help you understand the concepts behind them.


Show Notes

Joomla News

Joomla App volunteers and App name ideas

I'm putting forth, "Joomla Installatron and Joomla InstallaBot" :)


Content Construction Kits for Joomla

Content construction kits mentioned



Fotis from JoomlaWorks also tweeted me after I released the show and mentioned a blog post about being able to place extra fields anywhere in your template output. Thanks Fotis, didn't know you were a listener and didn't know you had it added in since K2 version 2.6.2.

Simply use this code syntax to pull out the code that you need:

To get the extra field name:

To get the extra field value:



James Morrell's YouTube Channel on Seblod





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