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Published: 05 October 2013

Special Bonus Episode

I finally get to chat to one of the original co-founder's of Joomla, Andrew Eddie.

He chats to me about how he got into Joomla and what he does now as a part of the project. Andrew also gives a little bit of a run down and insight into what he does at eBay with Joomla.

Andrew also gives us a preview of all of his presentations and workshops that he will be providing at JoomlaDay Sydney 2013

This is a special bonus episode of the podcast as a lead up to JoomlaDay Sydney 2013.


Show Notes


Andrew joins me on the show to give us some insight into his journey into Joomla back in the day even before it was called Joomla.

Andrew found himself working on the Mambo project in the early days when choosing a CMS to replace the Toowoomba City Council's website which was made up of a static website with over 300 pages.

He found himself suddenly contributing a huge amount of code to the project to make it work the way the council wanted it to work.

Future, eBay, Framework and Responsive Content

Andrew goes on to talk a little bit about what some of his presentations are going to be about at JoomlaDay Sydney 2013. This year andrew with be giving some more insight to his work on web services at eBay using Joomla, the future of Joomla and where he thinks it is heading and where it will end up, as well as a little bit of insight to his keynote presentation about responsive content.

You can find out more about Andrew Eddie and his presentations at JoomlaDay Sydney at the official website. http://sydney,joomladay.org.au

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