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Published: 10 December 2013

This week I look at cross pollinating between open source projects and interview Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress. 

We chat about his experience at attending the Joomla World Conference and chat about some similarities and differences between the two projects.

We also see the release of the Joomla Framework to the community, another PHP framework built for developers that are familiar with Joomla to build web applications, RESTful services and command line applications all using Joomla code but no CMS on top.

End of Year Mixer

Cross group meetup held here in Sydney for people that want to network between difference open source projects and different meetup groups here in Sydney.


Special mention to Brian Teeman for his cross pollinating efforts around the world.


Joomla News

Joomla Framework 1.0 Released

Joomla Framework

The Joomla Framework has been released for all of those developers out there that are interested in getting their hands dirty and developing RESTful web services, command line applications or web apps with the framework.

You can install it via Composer or download it from Github.

The core contributors are all there to help so if you want to contact any of them to get some funky stuff done, don't be afraid to ask:

A really good example of a website that is build on the framework is the new issue tracker! http://issue.joomla.org This is the new issue tracker project that now tracks all the issues with the projects and allows contributors an easier way of getting to the issues to have things fixed.


Jon Neubauer Ventures into WordPress Territory



ep23-cover-matt-mullenwegInterview with Matt Mullenweg

Matt mentions a few interesting things from the release of WordPress 3.8 on December 12th and BackPress which was WordPress's version of the Joomla Framework.

Steve Burge's magazine article about Matt's presentation at the Joomla World Conference.


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