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Published: 18 November 2014

Roland Dalmulder from the Netherlands joins me on the podcast to talk about how he has grown his Joomla based business over the years to where it is now today.


Joomla World Conference is Over


Been and gone, was good to meet Mathias, although I never saw him on the beach with his gf to do yoga and I met Roberto from Mexico as well and he invited me out to go for some desserts but my stomach wasn’t feeling so great.


Highlights, Steve Burge’s presentation on doing recurring payments correctly, Mathias and Britta’s Wireframing Workshop, and a little more controversial conversation on the structuring of Joomla, or the restructure proposals that were submitted to the Joomla Structure working group and is being worked on at the moment.

New Portal Released

New Joomla Volunteers Portal has been released


New Term for a person that is involved with Joomla and that is “Joomler”


Trademark Survey



Accessibility and Inclusive design working group

Call out on the podcast for volunteers to work on the usability of Joomla on the front end and backend, accessibility to meet requirements around the world and bring in development tools to help developers make accessible extensions.




Interview with Roland Dalmulder

Roland Dalmulder



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