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Published: 29 September 2015

ep96 optimising your website for speed seo

Learn how you can optimise the speed and load times of your website in order to reduce bandwidth, increase your search engine rankings and improve website usability just by installing a few extensions on your website.

Peter covers a few fantastic extensions that will allow you to optimise your website for speed and turn it from a 1980's Toyota Corolla into a high performing Lotus Elise, or Porche 911 or Tesla (for the more eco minded).

Peter also covers some news and happenings in the Joomla industry from the change over of the Joomla Transition Team, Joomla Events around the world including the upcoming Joomla Day Australia being held in Brisbane and the formation of the new Joomla UX team looking at Joomla 4 and beyond.

Joomla! Transition Team Announced

The Joomla! Transition Team and been voted on and decided. The team will take the plan set out by the Joomla Structure Team and put it into action creating the next era for Joomla! Read more details from the leadership blog.

Joomla UX Team Announced

The Joomla UX team has been formed and members from around the world are putting things together to help improve the usability of the Joomla project as a whole. Find out more about the members of the team and what will be happening over the next few months.

JoomlaDay Events Around the World

If you haven't been to a JoomlaDay before, I highly recommend that you do. You can learn so much from attending a JoomlaDay event. You get to network with some amazing people, learn new techniques you may never had heard of before and go home feeling more connected with the Joomla community as a whole.

You can find a local Joomla event close to you on the Joomla Events website.

JoomlaDay Australia Coming Up - 10th-11th October

JoomlaDay Australia is coming up around the corner and I'll be presenting at the event this year doing a few presentations and workshops.

It is a two day event being held in Brisbane Australia and I hope to see a lot of you there. Find out more on the JoomlaDay Australia website.

Extensions to Speed Up Your Joomla Website

JCH Optimise

Highly rate with lots of reviews, great plugin to start using to tweak your Joomla site.


A good alternative from JCH Optimise. Similar features but built differently.

CDN for Joomla

My default CDN plugin and MAXCDN is my default CDN provider.

JA Amazon S3

A great alternative if you want to be able to customise your CDN a little more than what you can get with MaxCDN.

Lazy Loader for Joomla

Defers the loading of images on your website until they are actually needed.


For more of the coding adept that can replace all of their JS and CSS libraries that they are using on their site and use that ones provided by CDNJS.


You can read the full blog write up about these extensions.

You can also read up more about how CDNJS works and how you can benefit from optimising your site with it.

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