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Published: 06 July 2015


This is the ultimate guide to the popular content construction kit for Joomla! called Seblod.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to take Joomla! to the next level, extend its core functionality and publishing systems, or give Joomla! features that you can find in Drupal, then this is the perfect guide for you.

The Seblod team have teamed up with Joomla Beat to present to you a four part step by step guide on how to get started with Seblod and build your first application.

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You can build almost anything with Seblod from a real estate website, a web design work portfolio, web directories, slide show and much more much. Being so incredibly extendable, flexible and most importantly, export and importable is a great thing to have as a tool for building Joomla! website.

You can listen to a podcast episode where James Morrell was interviewed in regards to Seblod.

You also can watch this introduction video to get a better understanding of how Seblod is setup and how it works.

Previously Recorded Overview

This video was recorded in 2014 when James visited our office in Sydney. He takes Shannon and myself through the process of setting up Seblod and creating your first app.

If this interests you, make sure you sign up for the course and get on board with the rest of the community that is following the course.


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