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Web accessibility can be hard to understand and time consuming to implement but a well trained accessibility expert with lots of experience would be able to work through the WCAG 2.0 success criterion quite quickly and easily providing great value to a website from a usability and accessibility viewpoint. For the rest of us that aren't as experienced, little hints and tips to help improve our designs and websites is what it will take to improve accessibility in our own sites one step and success criterion at a time.

Colour contrast and font sizes in our designs are one of the easiest things we can change and improve in our designs. It doesn't only help users with vision impairments but can also help improve the usability and readability of your site in general in many situations.

Take the scenario of a person reading an article on your website on their mobile device in the sun light. The glare on the screen will make it fairly hard to read but a site with a good text contrast ratio may still be fairly easy to read in such a condition. 

mobile vs responsive

In episode 89 of the podcast, Martina and I briefly talked about the idea of a stand alone m. mobile site versus a responsive design website. It came about from an article that we were reading and discussing from Web Designer Depot titled, Responsive Design is Failing Mobile UX.

We discussed the pros and cons and also the importance of having a mobile friendly website, but which one is actually better and what should you choose for your website?

This month we've got a selection of a few templates that we thought we're worth mentioning. I heard mentions of people having issues with some template providers that did things strangely and which made things difficult when it came to customisation and building of the website, we we picked templates from reputable sources that we know and have worked with in the past.

My number one recommendation when working with templates is to try and get one as close as possible to what you want and need. Customising the template on top of what you have can sometimes cause issues. So if you can work within the limitations of the templates then you will be set.

Also look at always using the quick starter installation with your site. It will make configuring all the inner parts and modules much much easier.


In the age of mobile first web design and development, sometimes elements of a web page can get overlooked, resulting in users experiencing a sleek website that hugs the screen of their device like a glove until they get to a video that sticks out like a sore thumb... eeyuck!!! The good news is, there are a number solutions that help to make your website fully responsive from header to footer. Allow me to show you.

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