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Published: 19 February 2014

Joomlart has to be one of my preference when it comes to template providers for Joomla and they offer a couple of free templates if you're just getting into Joomla and want to learn more about how to customise the look and feel of a website.

Templating for Joomla websites has to be the main core business for a lot of web design and development agencies out there and learning the ins and outs of how some template clubs create templates is very advantageous.

To help out those new budding designers and developers, this is a list of the free templates that Joomlart provide to get you started in Joomla templating and the T3 framework that these templates are built on.

Purity III - the mother of FREE Joomla! template

Purity III a free Joomlart template for Joomla 3

Purity is Joomlart's flag ship series of free Joomla templates. The original Purity templates use to be shipped with the core download of Joomla so that everyone that had a Joomla website would have seen the free Purity template within their website.

Now (Feb 2014) the Purity template is in its third generation of maturity and wow has it matured. It is now fully integrated with Bootstrap making the template 100% responsive and very easy to customise, especially for a developer or designer that is very well versed with the Bootstrap templating language.

It also has a LESS compiler and many great layouts and features built into the template itself making the template and the framework quite a nifty one to work on.

Check out the live demo

JA Elastica - flexible free template for Joomla!

JA Elastica a free Joomla template by Joomlart

Another Joomla template that was one of the early templates to adopt responsive design by Joomlart and a great example of what responsiveness can do for your website.

Built on the older version of T3, JA Elastic works in beautiful responsive layouts into the design and is very adaptive to any device thrown at it. With modules and content positions easily moving, resizing and adapting to different screen resolutions, it is easy to see why this template has been downloaded over 108,439 times!

Check out the live demo

The older Purity II free template for Joomla!

Joomlart Purity 2 free template for Joomla

If you have to work on an older version of Joomla then this is a great starting template just for that. Again built on the highly flexible T3 framework, Purity II takes advantage of the older T3 V2 framework.

Only downside to this older template is that it isn't responsive and since a responsive website is a must these days, the idea of not having a responsive website will be a disadvantage to you and your final produced website.

If you must, then Purity II is another great free template provided by Joomlart for Joomla but as mentioned it is not a little old and doesn't work well with the latest web trends.

View the live demo


Want to learn more?

If you love the templates from Joomlart and want to learn more about their brand new version of their T3 framework, check out the online learning course on the T3 framework. Currently being worked on and updated at JoomTraining.com.au


Peter Bui

Peter Bui

An all round web specialist with years of experience in web design, development and open source solutions at PB Web Development

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