Published: 16 June 2013

E-commerce templates are hard to come by and good ones even harder. 

Fortunately, here is a range of templates that will get your business up and running, e-commerce style.

The templates were picked from a range of Joomla template providers that are reputable and known for quality design and support.

Feel free to share and comment on the selection.

Joomlart - Vintas

joomlart virtuemart vintas

 JA Vintas supports Virtuemart as the component for the shopping cart and would suit a range of e-commerce websites. With a nifty area at the base of the page to include all necessary information for you business, your customers will never be lost again.   


Bang2Joom - Wooden Wall

bang2joom woodenwall

Wooden Wall is another template which supports Virtuemart, it features a clean and minimalist feel. With this simple design, your products will sell themselves. The module in the upper right corner would be great for quick sales and to grab your customers attention.  

YooTheme - MiCasa

 yootheme micasa

YooTheme have brought to us a pastel based theme which uses the ZOO content application builder. It features simple typography, and would suit a range of websites including fashion or lifestyle.


Bang2Joom - Aquarius

bang2joom aquarius redshop

This template is quite different to the others in the lineup. It is built around the redSHOP component for the shopping cart. Featuring a grid style layout, this will stand out from the rest.


GavickPro - Store Box

gavick joomla25 storebox

Very recently release, Store Box brings clean lines and a swipe feature when accessing from a mobile device. It is built around the Virtuemart component. With this template, you can trust that your site will look great.


BambooTheme - Blankoshop

bambootheme blankoshop simple

Simplicity is the key to this template. Are you a minimalist? Then this template would be perfect for your needs. It uses the Virtuemart component for the shopping cart. If you s desire, you can create a e-commerce masterpiece from this template.


IceTheme - TheShop 2

icetheme theshop2

TheShop 2 is an e-commerce site using the JoomShopping component. This template would suit a corporate style website. With clear sections to differentiate between areas of the site, your customers will have no trouble at all navigating around.


JoomlaBamboo - Shop Ignition

bambootheme ignition

Another template that uses the redSHOP component, Shop Ignition features a clean design. The base of the website features a range of options to point your customers in the right direction.



RocketTheme - Halcyon

rockettheme halcyon

Halcyon template uses the Ecwid e-commerce solution for Joomla. It is a corporate style of template, which would suit a professional or commercial style of website.


JoomlaShine - Nuru

joomlashine nuru

If you are looking to use MijoShop, this is the only template available for it. Lucky it is a good one! With the use of the brown colouring option, it is quite a simple but well designed template. It can be used on a wide variety of e-commerce websites.


If you have any other suggestions for e-commerce templates for Joomla, please make sure you comment below and provide us a link so we can check it out and add it to the list.


Are you a fan of MijoShop?

If you like Joomla and OpenCart and are now using the port called MijoShop then check out this post about some great templates for MijoShop that you can use for your next MijoShop e-commerce site.

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