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Published: 22 February 2014
MijoShop templates for Joomla

In early 2013, our web design studio in Sydney, started using a new e-commerce platform for Joomla! called MijoShop. It is actually a port of OpenCart that works inside of Joomla! so that you can take advantage of Joomla's templating system and other great features but have the great setup and control of OpenCart powering the e-commerce side of things. 

This platform combination allowed us to finally build some powerful e-commerce sites that were all controlled by Joomla!

Our previous option to us was VirtueMart but development for that has stalled for the moment at the Joomla 2.5 platform and it doesn't look like there was going to be upgrade options for Joomla 3 for a long time.

We, as a design studio providing solutions for our clients, wanted to move forward with web trends and technologies to provide the best solutions possible and MijoShop was going to and has done that for us.

To help others get started in using MijoShop, here is a list of some great templates / themes that a few template providers around the world have created for it.

MijoShop template - JA Books by Joomlart

mijoshop template joomlart books

For this that don't know this yet but I'm a huge fan of Joomlart and the T3 framework. We use it for almost all of our templates and client solutions that we build in the office. This release by the team at Joomlart of no exception. It is one of their first offerings in regards to MijoShop support and is a fantastic example of what is possible with Joomla and OpenCart thanks to MijoShop.


See the demo Download


MijoShop template - Nuru by JoomlaShine

mijoshop templates JoomlaShine Nuru

If you're ever wanting to build a clothing store e-commerce shop then this is going to be a great solution for you. Styled as a fashion e-commerce template for Joomla, it has everything you need all ready to go thanks to the team at JoomlaShine. JoomlaShine don't built on frameworks making their templates very light and simple in terms of code and customisation of the code. One of the great benefits of using templates from JoomlaShine.


See the demo Download for free


MijoShop template - Arasta by Optimum Theme

mijoshop templates optimum arasta

Another clothing styled e-commerce store setup but this one by the team over at Optimum Theme. They've put together a very clean and flat styled template for MijoShop. Being simple and flat makes it versatile in the applications that you can use it for. In this case they are using it for a fashion store but really because of the simple colours and flat design it can be used for just about any application from childrens party supplies and services all the way to automotive parts.


See the demo Download


MijoShop template - Purity III by Joomlart

mijoshop template joomlart purity iii

The last template in this roundup and of course it is the mother of all base free templates Purity III or Purity 3 (depending on how you want to spell it). 

Purity III is based again on Joomlart's T3 framework that is completely open source. It is also based around Bootstrap 2 or 3 meaning that the template is completely responsive making for a responsive e-commerce solution! Purity III truely is a versatile template being able to support so many different extensions and components for Joomla including MijoShop.

The best bit about it all is that it is FREE and always will be. With well over 100,000 downloads within a few weeks it is truly a very popular template for Joomla and now MijoShop!


See the demo Download for Free


What to see more e-commerce templates for Joomla?

Lou here in the office has also written up another blog post about other e-commerce templates that you can get for Joomla that work on other extensions like RedShop and VirtueMart.

Make sure you check out the "Awesome E-commerce Templates for Joomla" post by Lou.


Want to learn more about the T3 framework?

If you want to use T3 or Purity III and learn how to customise it to work for your solution, then have a look at our online training course for T3. It will teach you the ins and outs of all of these templates out there for Joomla that are based on the T3 framework. This includes all of the templates from Joomlart, JoomlaBamboo, Bang2Joom and many many more.

We personally use it in the studio to build all of our solutions for our clients as it enables us to build fully featured responsive websites with minimal fuss.

Find out more about the online training at JoomTraining.com.au


Peter Bui

Peter Bui

An all round web specialist with years of experience in web design, development and open source solutions at PB Web Development

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