Published: 14 June 2014

HikaShop is an e-commerce solution available to use with any Joomla! site. It allows you to create and manage your online store with ease and flexibility. At the moment the availability of Joomla! templates that have been optimized for HikaShop aren’t huge but we have selected some of the best ones for you.

1. Hikashop Template - JM Creatrix by JoomlaMan

This template is ideal for anyone looking for a clean and professional design. Suited for personal portfolios, creative agencies, corporate businesses and freelance workers, the options are virtually endless. It is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 and has 8 preset colours, plus the option for unlimited colours. JM Creatrix runs on Bootstrap and Helix II framework.



2. Hikashop Template - Ignite by JoomlaBamboo


Ignite allows for a brilliant e-commerce site, with the ease of using Hikashop. As a relatively new template, you can expect that ignite is fully responsive to give your customers an amazing shopping experience. It also provides some support for jCalPro, which is a popular Joomla calendar.


3. Hikashop Template - StoreFront by Gavick


The main focus in this template is utilizing your customers time spent online through speed and flexibility. Consumers want a quick and easy process and the people at Gavick have created StoreFront to provide this. A cool little feature we like is the parallax scrolling background, which in the demo is used as a backdrop for a testimonial.


4. Hikashop Template - RN Shop by RCA Theme

If you can look past the strange stock image on the slider, RN shop is a powerful and well styled e-commerce template. This template features the latest Gantry framework and over 75 responsive module positions. Suitable for almost any variation of online shop, you could sell both physical goods or digital downloads.



5. HikaShop Template - JSN Glass by JoomlaShine

JSN Glass is a template built especially for HikaShop featuring amazing radiant colours and a modern flat scheme. JoomlaShine templates have built-in design optimized for modern mobile devices. With 40+ template parameters you can adjust this theme to your liking. Showcase a range of product on your store while keeping it sleek and professional.



6. HikaShop Template - DestinyFX by JoomFX

A well suited template for a digital download e-commerce store or services provider. It is clean and robust with a professional feel throughout. DestinyFX is responsive and is built on the powerful Gantry Framework, with amazing flexibility.  




7. HikaShop Template - IT Happy Shop by ICE Theme

Are you looking for a template that conveys a range of family friendly products, or services? IT Happy Shop is a vibrant and fun template well suited for any e-commerce project but is especially designed for children and gifts. It includes a slideshow, light colours and is simple to work with.


8. HikaShop Template - IT Trendy Shop

Inspired by a casual fashion style, IT Trendy Shop is simple and easy to set up. It is fully responsive and includes 6 different colour variations. It is similar to Happy Shop but more suited to a clothing store or product line that is aimed at the general consumer.


9. HikaShop Template - eXplorer by RCA Theme

A relatively new released HikaShop optimized template, eXplorer will allow for you to set up your website to make it yours. It provides over 70+ Gantry module positions and no coding required. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike. This template is multi-purpose, so whatever your e-commerce store, it can be designed to suit.



10. HikaShop Template - SJ Kampe by SmartAddOns

SJ Kampe is the final HikaShop template in this list, it has an attractive and clean layout with a flat design. Unlike most others this is built on the YT Framework. According to SmartAddOns, it is highly suitable for a sports store but can be easily customized for any product range. Released in May 2014, this is a very new template but you can be rest assured that it will provide you with a solid and worthwhile e-commerce website.



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