Published: 04 June 2013

This month we have sourced a number of beautiful design based templates, which would be perfect for those wanting a creative based site.

These templates were hand picked from a number of Joomla template providers that we have used in the past. All providers have a good reputation for design and support. 

Feel free to share and comment on the selection.


GavikPro - MyFolio

1gavickfolio copy

A stricking template to showcase and display your work. The use of simplicity, enhances the user experience and shows of your creative skills to all.

Check out the working demo at:

RocketTheme - Kirigami 

2rocketthemekirigami copy

This amazing template is from our friends over at Rockettheme, with the ability to showcase a wide variety of your creative works. It is also responsive, which is always good. It has a great image slideshow module feature which can be used to show snippets of what you are showcasing.

Check out the working demo at:

JoomlaShine - Vintage

joomlashine vintage

This template has the ability to modestly showcase you work, perfect for art or photography. With a variety of style options, you can change elements to suit your needs.

Check out the working demo at:

JoomlaArt - Smashboard

4joomla25smashboard copy


Scrolling across the page, instead of the traditional down scroll is not the only thing that makes this template stand out. It incorporates popup boxes seamlessly, and has a bit of a new MySpace feel about it. As a brand new template, I would recommend checking this out right now and getting ahead.

Check out the working demo at:

Joomlage - Capture

joomlage 64


With a superb image feature, your site will come to life with Capture. Use this template to showcase your photography skills or maybe your marketing skills, the possibilities are endless. 

Check out the working demo at:

JoomlaBamboo - Grid3



This is one of my favourites, the 3x3 image gallery sits on the homepage very nicely. Show off your personality with this template. It is all about you.

Check out the working demo at:

ZooTemplate - Ence

joomla ZT ence


This template has an almost 'Pinterest' or 'Tumblr' feel to it, showcase your work through images displayed in a grid. Make searching the site a breeze, with the search bar, timeline and category options all at your fingertips.

Check out the working demo at:

JoomlaArt - Erio

8joomla25erio copy


A quirky template for use with Joomla 2.5, show off your creativity in a simplistic manner. This template uses the T3 framework.

Check out the working demo at:

Joomlage - Adventure


Are you the adventurous type? Take this template and run with it, show off your skills whether they be creative or athletic. 

Check out the working demo at:

Joomlage - Folio

10joomlage36 copy


Photography buffs will love this template. Show your images off in a huge way!

Check out the working demo at:


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