Lately there have been more and more startup weekends, and hack events. Essentially weekends where designers, developers get together and start pushing out applications, websites and great ideas to the world. Some of these events, such as Sydney Startup or PayPal+Braintree Battlehack attract hundreds of developers all fighting for a chance to be noticed with their new idea and product.

This weekend a few of the JoomlaDay Sydney Users decided to get away from the hussle and bussle of the Sydney CBD and get out to the central coast for our own private Joomla hackathon event to try and create a few business and product for the Joomla Community. We started on a Friday evening all the way to Sunday afternoon tapping away working on our project.

Originally from the Joomla Vulnerability Extensions List website in regards to templates that have been hacked and distributed for free.

This isn’t coming from template developers and template clubs  but from warez sites or free template download sites. These people have downloaded the templates from the main websites where they were created and then inserted malicious code into the templates.

Unsuspecting Joomla users are downloading these illegally sourced and reproduced versions of the templates and installing them onto their websites not knowing that there is a huge amount of malicious code in the templates itself.

Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development by Tim Plummer

On the 20th of December I drew the winners of the "Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development" competition.

Congratulations to:

Hans Vampee from France & Mike Nichols from the USA.


You have both won a copy of the book and will be sent out from here in Australian on the 9th of January 2014. We all hope you get lots out of the book.

These ones are a little special as Tim Plummer has signed them himself too.

You Can Still Get A Copy



For all those that didn't win, you can still purchase a copy of the book from It is a fantastic Joomla learning resource that we make all of our developers go through before starting work here at the PB Web Development office.

Big thank you to Tim Plummer for his efforts for writing the book and a big thank you to Packt Publishing for providing the copies of the book to give out to the community.

MijoShop is a great shopping cart system. It is actually a port of the ever popular OpenCart shopping cart system into the Joomla CMS.

It works fantastically well but the default AusPost shipping code that ships with it is full of bugs and doesn't have all the options needed to run a online store in Australia where I reside and set up stores for clients and my girlfriends website, I Am Infusion - Organic herbal tea infusions.

Now we've been having this issue in Mijoshop popup over and over again upon checking out.

"Warning: Shipping method required!"

and finally I've found the right fix.

There are some situations where you might need to load a Joomla module outside of the Joomla framework. 

That is, you might have a custom application that is interfacing with your Joomla website and you can't call a Joomla module the normal way with a jdoc call.

Instead, this function snippet of code can be used for other external applications where jdoc can't be called to display a module.

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