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Published: 19 July 2015

Online e-commerce is huge, you can't deny that fact. In Australia where I live, the old traditional stores are suffering from online trading because of e-commerce sites. Those that have not gone online yet to sell their products are just going to fall behind.

This guide is an overview of a few popular e-commerce shopping carts for Joomla! that I have pulled apart and created basic online stores for.

In the process there is also a certain selection criteria that has been set out in order to determine which cart is best for what situations and hopefully inform you in regards to which one to use and when.

Selection Criteria and Explanations

Cost (Free, Paid)

Looking at the cost to entry. How much does the extension cost, plans and are there free trial or free versions to try and buy.


Looking at the installation process, is there sample data and how much effort is required to get installed.

Implementation & Setup Time

There are usually always more steps to this. What does the user have to do to get a shop setup and working on their website.

Shop Type (Digital, physical, virtual, multivendor)

What type of products can you sell on the cart. Physical products are the most common case, but can it also handle drop shipping, multi vendors, virtual products or digital downloads.


How easy is the cart system use. Can you manage your store easily and can the user buy from the store easily enough without having to think too hard in regards to using the website.

Visual Customisation

How easy is it to customise the front end of the store for your users. Is it integrated with Bootstrap and your template styles?

Inventory Control

Does the shopping cart managed your products and inventory.

Shipping Integration (EU, US, AU)

What options are there for shipping of your products if your store is situated in either Europe, the United States or Australasia.

Payment Integration (EU, US, AU)

What options are there for payment gateway options if your store is situated in either Europe, the United States or Australasia.

Checkout Process (Single Page, Cart Recovery)

How easy is it for a user to check out of your store and are there any features for customer retention.

Upgrade & Maintenance Process

For an administrator, what work is required to maintain the shopping cart and how easy or hard is it to update.

Third Party Integrations

Are there any integrations to third party systems such as inventory control or accounting systems such as Sage, Xero, MYOB, SalesForce and so on.

Shopping Carts to Review

At this point in time (19th July 2015), there are 189 extensions in the e-commerce category and 30 in the shopping cart subcategory of the Joomla! Extension Directory which is where these extensions have come from. This guide will go through all of them one at a time and provide an honest and unbiased view on all of them. Video recordings and break down notes against the selection criteria will also be provided to hopefully help you, the reader, make the best informed decision when it comes to selecting the right e-commerce shopping cart platform for you and your next e-commerce build.

Joomla Shopping Cart Reviews in Alphabetical Order

  • Bazaar
  • BeaCart
  • DigiStore
  • EasyShop
  • Ecommerce WD
  • ErmakovShop
  • EShop
  • HikaShop
  • Instant Shop Pro
  • IPrice Calculator
  • J2Store
  • JMarket
  • JooCommerce
  • JooShopping
  • JStore
  • JTag Mini Cart
  • MailOrder
  • MyMuse
  • Orika Shop
  • paGO Commerce
  • PayCart
  • Priceleaf shop
  • Quick2Cart
  • redSHOP
  • RokQuickCart
  • S5 Snipcart
  • SalesPro
  • ShopFR
  • SimpleCaddy
  • VirtueMart

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All of these carts will be reviewed one at a time and more added as they are incorporated into the Joomla! Extension Directory. My personal hope is that these reviews and feedback from the Joomla! Beat Community will help others determine which shopping cart experience is best for them.

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