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Published: 01 June 2013
J and Beyond 2013

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Day 1

As day one of the J and Beyond conference comes to an end, I have put together the feed and a few highlights that I've picked from the day that I hope to hear more about.

The end of the first day also brings the J.OSCARS Award ceremony as well where the community acknowledges the contributions and commitment to the Joomla community.

This year a very special mention goes out to Guillermo Bravo for the "Outstanding personal achievement" award and

  • Watchful.li (Victor Drover)
  • AdminCredible (Steve Burge and TJ Baker)
  • MyJoomla (Phil Taylor)

for "Innovation of the Year"!

The other categories and winners are as follows: (I still don't know who won what in all the categories as the social media from the event is very limited)

If anyone knows who won what from what categories and can leave comments below that would be much appreciated.

Free Joomla Add-ons

Cost-free extensions or tools, excluding templates

Commercial Joomla Add-ons

Paid extensions or tools, excluding templates

Joomla Template Systems

Free or commercial template frameworks or boiler-plates

Joomla Services

Joomla-specific services such as hosting, training, support, contracting, etc...

Corporate Web Sites

Web sites built for the corporate sector

Non-corporate Web Sites

Web sites built for the non-corporate sector such as NGOs, non-profits and Government

eCommerce Web Sites

Web sites built for online storefront

Mobile Web Sites

Web sites built for the mobile web

Github Junkie

Recognising core code contributions

  • David Hurley (Winner)
  • Elin Waring
  • Mark Dexter
  • Nick Savov

Communications Junkie

Participation in Joomla chat rooms, blogs and on social media channels

  • Brian Teeman (Winner)
  • Dianne Henning
  • Nick Savov
  • Radek Suski

Bug Junkie

Finding and/or fixing bugs on the tracker

  • Jean-Marie Simonet  (Winner)
  • Michael Babker
  • Nick Savov
  • Roberto Segura



Peter Bui

Peter Bui

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