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Published: 07 July 2015

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In Jan 2013 I started the Joomla Beat Podcast as a way to engage with the Joomla Community at large and to also generate another stream of income for myself and the business.

For quite a long time when running the podcast and blog, I didn't want to crowd it with advertising and sponsorship.

That was well over 27 months ago now and I think it is time to grow the platform and network a little more.

I personally want to provide more content, more media and of course more podcasts and that all takes time. Time I mostly spend in our core business, PB Web Development, where Martina and I work with our team of developers and designers to build some great Joomla! websites and solutions!

Now I've decided to turn Joomla Beat into more of a revenue generating platform but of course not losing its focus on providing good, useful/helpful content that is educational and entertaining.

These article entries are not only what I want to share with the Joomla Beat and Joomla community at large but also a way for myself to keep record of the journey the podcast travels along.

So now I'd like to report on growth, reach and income for the podcast and blog. If anyone is interested in following the journey and future growth of Joomla Beat, just follow the tag, Joomla Beat Update.


jbp analytics june 2015

Over the past few months the podcast and website have been very stagnant on that neither Martina or myself have been able to spend time podcasting or producing any content whatsoever. 

The above analytics snapshot that I took for the month of June will be the base line for the up coming months, goals and targets that I hope to improve upon by performing traffic building and content marketing techniques.

Traffic Building Plans


At the moment the JBP has an automated RSS feed email that gets sent out every Thursday if there is a podcast released. I am aiming to change that with the introduction of a proper weekly newsletter with coupon codes, news updates, articles and more useful web design and development content to digest.

So sign up to the newsletter if you haven't do so already ;)


This month I was lucky enough to be contact by the team from Seblod to chat about a 4 week course on learning how to use Seblod. There has always been a lot of interest in the Seblod CCK but its complex learning curve has always put people off. The course content aims at changing that and showing people just how useful Seblod is. You can find out more on the Seblod course page.


We're slowly building up the showcase area of the website. A place where you can show off your latest work to the JBP community and somewhere I can pick and choose sites to feature on the podcast itself. This is something I'm excited about!

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

This is a challenge that I have taken up by Darren Rowse. A prolific blogger based in Melbourne, Australia and the organiser behind the ProBlogger events. I've been taking the day by day podcast and approach to building good habits to build a better blog, and podcast.

The aim for me in this one is not to increase traffic to the site dramatically but to rather grow better habits in content producing for the JBP and for clients that engage with us.


 jbp reach june 2015

The reach of the podcast has dropped dramatically since December 2014 when we basically stopped podcast other than a few episodes here and there. The podcast relies on continuous episodes to grow and obtain a big reach.

Furthermore, the podcast has been spread across so many different networks including LibSyn, Stitcher, iTunes, SoundCloud and Spreaker. As of the end of June, I moved everything over to one account on Spreaker. This will ensure that the stats are spread across different channels and are all funnelled into one spot. Much better for reporting and selling to potential advertisers and sponsors.

As an overview I also took a snapshot of the podcast stats as there were on the Libsyn network before I moved everything to Spreaker.

Joomla Beat Podcast LibSyn

At the end of the stats from 22nd May until 23rd June 2015, the podcast reached just under 90,000 downloads which averages to ~ 3,600 listeners a month. Something I'm quite happy with. 

The general plan to help increase the reach is via the courses and engagement on the podcast. We hope to increase overall engagement with each episode as we release them.


Profit and Loss

Now this is an interesting statistic to report on.

As I actually don't have a huge amount of monetisation options on the website and podcast I didn't really have a huge amount to report but here is a break down and an idea of how much I make and how I do it on the JBP.


SiteGround Affiliate Hosting: 0 

Joomla Related Affiliate Sales: 0

Website Advertising: 0

Podcast Episode Sponsorship: $25 AUD ~ $19 USD


Hosting with SiteGround: $10 USD

Net: ~ $9


I believe in June we only produced one podcast episode and maybe 3 articles. I estimate we put in about 20 hours of work together making a total of $0.45 an hour between us for the month.

Lets hope for a better month in July! Luckily we have other businesses to support this one and the only real cost to us is time. Something which is very limited and precious.


Either way, I feel that the reporting and writing of the reports should help keep us on track and moving forward with the podcast. Hope everyone can come with us for the journey.


Peter & Martina


Peter Bui

Peter Bui

An all round web specialist with years of experience in web design, development and open source solutions at PB Web Development

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