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Published: 06 July 2015

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JoomlaBlogger is a blog all about, you guessed it, Joomla! It has been around for quite a long time now with blog posts dating back to the Joomla 1.5 era circa 2008.

Kristoffer Sandven, the author and person behind JoomlaBlogger, is a professional search engine optimisation expert and Joomla! consultant from Oslo, Norway. He helps clients build traffic to their websites and converts that traffic into visitors and revenue.

About the Blog

The Blog features a huge set of resources around Joomla! itself, dating back to Joomla! 1.5. So if you're still using an old version Joomla!, you can still get some hints and tips around using it.

A large portion of his blog however has a section dedicated to search engine optimisation (SEO) with Joomla!. This part of the website doesn't just look at Joomla specific SEO tactics and best practises but also a lot of general SEO techniques that you should apply to any Joomla! website.

Blogging Schedule

Kristoffer blogs occasionally these days releasing a post on average about once or twice a month. Usually more really helpful hints and tips as opposed to opinion pieces. Kristoffer's blog first came on to my radar for his observations and opinion pieces that created a lot of buzz in the Joomla! community.

Communication and Engagement

JoomlaBlogger offers an email list that you can subscribe to which contains very useful hints and tips as well as round ups from his blog. These are very useful when it comes to trying to absorb all the information that comes out in the Joomla! industry. The emails are spread apart in their delivery so you won't be bombarded with email after email from Kristoffer which is great for anyone that is stuff behind their mass of emails in their inboxes.

JoomlaBlogger can also be found on all the popular social media channels, Facebook (low activity), and Twitter (high daily activity).

You can subscribe to the JoomlaBlogger email list directly on his website.

You can engage with Kristoffer and his readers directly in the comments for is blog articles across his website. Simply have a Disqus account or one of the social media accounts that Disqus can hook into and you're ready to communicate and engage with others.

Additional Resources

JoomlaBlogger also provides a Joomla handbook which includes:

  • A weekly summary of blog posts
  • My FREE ebook -The Best of Joomlablogger.net.
  • Exclusive offers and discount codes
  • You'll be the first to know when something new on the blog is coming.
  • Occasional special newsletters

Well worth the sign up and getting on his list.

Huge thank you to Kristoffer for providing the blog and writing great content around Joomla!


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