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Published: 02 September 2014

This may seem like one of the most simple things to do but for a novice that doesn't understand that their site is being cached it can cause all sorts of frustrations.

We usually get phone calls on the lines of, "Hey Peter, I'm doing some changes in the back end here but when I go to the front of the website it is not updating. Its saving and is definitely in the back end but I can't see it on the front. What's going on"? In which we reply, "Clear your cache". The Client will go and proceed to clear their browser cache but see nothing change and give up in frustration.

What they didn't understand here was that there is a website cache as well or how caching on their website works at all.

How to Clear Joomla's Cache

To clear the cache on a Joomla website it is quite easy.

Simply navigate to System -> Clear Cache 

Clearing Joomla Cache

On the next screen, tick the check box at the top of the selection column to select all cached assets. Then click delete.

Remove Joomla Cache

This will clear all of the cache on your site and show the changes that aren't appearing but you know you have done correctly on the back end of the website.

Making It Easier

There are easier ways to make clearing the cache in Joomla a thing of the past. You don't want to be disabling the cache as it will slow down the speed of delivery of your website and create more server load. Server usually cope just fine but you don't want to push your luck, especially if a piece of content or your site goes viral. So how do you make this easier?

We use an extension called NoNumber Cache Cleaner. It gives you a few quick and easy options to clear Joomla's site cache.

  1. Auto clearing cache on saving something in Joomla. The Save action in the CMS will automatically make it clear the cache.
  2. Adding a quick and easy clear cache button to the admin screen of the website to make the steps of repetitive clicking to clear cache a thing in the past. 

NoNumber cache-cleaner

If you're interested in making your life easier and managing Joomla easier, check out Peter van Westen's Cache Cleaner plugin and all of its features. You can also take advantage of a coupon code "joomlabeat" to take advantage of a discount on your purchase. (Thank you Peter)


Peter Bui

Peter Bui

An all round web specialist with years of experience in web design, development and open source solutions at PB Web Development

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