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Published: 18 May 2013
Guide to Joomla Web Hosting with SiteGround

When it comes to web hosting at this point in time I suggest SiteGround.

They tick all of the boxes when it comes to everything that I need for my own Joomla websites from customer support, technical expertise from the support team, security, back up procedures, web hosting performance and of course cost.

All of these factors make SiteGround a very desirable hosting solution and I this more in quite a few blog posts on Joomla Beat.

Painless and Secure Signup Process

The sign up process for a SiteGround account is simple and fast with a twist. SiteGround will call you to verify the sales process and take you into the account once you have signed up. This makes the sales process more 'human' and much easier than you would expect. They also offer a site transfer service so if you are renewing your hosting account and need to move your hosting provider, they'll do it all for you at no extra cost.

You can read more about the sign up process in a blog post that I wrote up about the painless and secure sign up process with SiteGround.


Timely Hosting Customer Support

Another factor that I look at when choosing a host is the support. Sometimes I don't want to pick up the phone and call for support to get a quick answer or I'm unable to where ever I am in the world. So I rely on email in some situations. SiteGround cater for both forms of communication, phone or online chat/email and do so very quickly! 

I put SiteGround to the test before I started using them so see how their support worked. I didn't want to start using or recommending a service that I wasn't happy with. SiteGround indeed past the test and exceeded my expectations responding to ticket requests within 4 minutes!

I sent a follow up request that was quite a bit more complex and they go back to me within 15 minutes letting me know that it was being looked into and being actioned.

40 minutes later the request was performed and actioned. Communication is key for any service providing business and SiteGround do understand this. I personally don't mind if a task is going to take a day or two to action as long as I know what is going on so I can prepare for it and assign other tasks and plan around that.

You can read more about my testing of SiteGround's hosting support


hostingJoomla Web Hosting Security

SiteGround have a different approach to their security and a different way to protect their websites.

I interviewed Tenko Nikolov, the CEO of SiteGround, about a huge global brute force attack that happen bring many web servers to their knees and compromising so many websites. SiteGround's approach to blocking and securing their network within an hour of it happening is pretty smart.

You can read more about how SiteGround secure and protect their hosting environments and their clients on the show notes for the podcast interview with Tenko Nikolov from SiteGround in episode 14 of the Joomla Beat Podcast.


performanceWeb Hosting Performance for Joomla Websites

Now performance again is an interesting factor.

SiteGround have three things that they have integrated into the shared hosting environments.

  1. MemCache with one tick
  2. Dynamic Caching
  3. Speed up caching

All of these make your Joomla site scream and only takes a few seconds to configure. Performance gains with systems like memcache is amazing but it takes time to set up a memcache server and configuring it. SiteGround have one ready to go for your website and you can get up and running with it within a few minutes and with only a few clicks!

That really takes your website to the next level and increases it's performance!


tickJoomla Hosting Costs

Lately the cost of the hosting environments that SiteGround provide are very competitive. 

I believe having the hosting company based in Bulgaria with support staff scattered remotely around the world has allowed them to provide a stella hosting company at a competitive rate due to the fact that they charge in US dollars.

Furthermore, it allows them to give awesome promotions out such as the one that they have set up for Joomla Beat subscribers. 60% off all hosting accounts for Joomla Beat subscribers.


Web Hosting

60% off all SiteGround signups



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Peter Bui

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