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Published: 11 January 2015

RSForm!Pro building forms with Joomla

In our previous post about building complex forms and dynamic with Joomla, we looked at three main form building components and one of them being RSForms!Pro.

This article will look more deeply into how RSForms!Pro works, its features and how you can take advantage of this amazing extension.


RSForms!Pro has many features that you will want in regards to collecting data and information from your visitors. Here are some of the main features that come with RSForms!Pro

Add professional looking forms to your website

The component comes with a few premade styles and layouts that allows a user to switch and change between the different options and layouts with the simple click of a button.

Multipage forms

Another important aspect of forms is the ability to turn long page forms into shorter forms. This helps with usability and keeps focus on the elements for the user. Long page forms usually put off users from filling in the details. RSForms Pro allows you to split your form into multiple steps. Furthermore the user can step forward or backwards through the form elements.

Exporting data

RSForms Pro stores all of your data within its database and can email the data to the user and admins of the website.

Data can also be exported out into CSV format making it easy to manipulate and process the information.

Antispam features

One of the great features of RSForms is its ability to protect itself from spam in the form of spambot plugins. RForms Pro comes with the new and the old Google reCaptcha plugins that will stop automated spam bots. These is nothing worse than automated spammers taking advantage of your forms and sending out spam both directly to you or to other people.

Multilingual forms

If you have a website that needs to be in multiple languages then RSForms will help you out with being able to have the form in multiple languages. 

Validation rules

Being able to validate the form is another essential aspect of online data collection. The last thing you want is incorrect data coming through on all of your forms. RSForms allows for the validation of the elements on submission as well as when the user is inputting the data, allowing for quicker and better usability of the forms.

Cross-browser compatibility

An important issue for websites is compatibility. Making sure that your form works on all browsers that are available.


The mobile web is so important. With more and more people switching to hand held mobile devices, it is important to make sure that the forms are all mobile responsive. RSForms comes with a mobile ready layout. Simply switch to the responsive layout and you will have a ready to go HTML5 responsive template.  


The RSJoomla team provides support in many ways for RSFormsPro. The main way is in the form of support tickets, a knowledge base and general tutorials and guides around their component.

Support overall is good with fast communication around bugs and issues within the components.


RSJoomla have also provided step by step guides in regards to how their forms component work.

For a beginner it is great in that it will take you through what you need to go through to get started with your first form.

The component also has a form building wizard built into it to help you get started. 

Check It Out

So if this seems to tickle your fancies and seems to tick all the boxes then check our RSForms Pro by RSJoomla.

Peter Bui

Peter Bui

An all round web specialist with years of experience in web design, development and open source solutions at PB Web Development

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