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Published: 18 April 2013

Joomla Tags in 3.1

In the new Joomla 3.1.0 update, we see the welcomed addition of a tag field.

The key features of the tag field are:

    • Multilanguage.
    • Nested tags structure.
    • Integrated in all core components.
    • Selectable tag field mode (AJAX or nested).
    • On the fly tag creation.
    • Easily integration in any extension.

Tags give the user and website administrators the ability to assign keywords to certain items and group them together under the one tag.

For example, assigning the tag 'joomla' to all items that are associated with the topic of joomla, will enable you to group the items together.


The tags option is located on the lower right side of the screen when you edit an article.

Joomla 3.1 Tags

Type in the tag you would like to associate with the article and hit enter or comma. It will also search for previously used tags as you type in keywords giving you the ability to choose from previously used tags within the CMS.

img 2

To manage the tags you have created, go to components and click on tags.

It is possible to create a parent tag with a number of child tags to go underneath. 

Joomla 3.1 tags menu

Click on each tag to edit, in the right side options, under the parent drop down list, choose the parent tag you would like. Press save and close.

On some situations you may wish to create a list of tags or taxonomies, to allow editors or users on your website to simply choose the appropriate tag to use instead of creating more new tags on the fly.

img 4


You can continue to use categories while also using tags to organise your content.

The benefits of using tags is that you can assign articles to multiple tags unlike with categories which are limited to one.

In the past being able to only associate a piece of content with one category made it somewhat restrictive in how you could present a single piece of content that may actually fit under multiple areas. Couple this with Joomla's flexible layouts it then becomes a very powerful way of organising and arranging your content for your users.

At the time of writing this article, Joomla's 3.1 release is due out on the 24th of April 2013.

You can read more about Joomla's tagging system from the Joomla Magazine and various new releases from Joomla and other parties.


Peter Bui

Peter Bui

An all round web specialist with years of experience in web design, development and open source solutions at PB Web Development

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