Collecting data on a website via a form is one of the most basic function that a website may be required to do. Take a look at the contact form on this website as a good example. They act as contact points to start conversations or lead generation for the website to convert browsing traffic to being a contact, sale or connection.

A content management system like Joomla comes with a basic contact form that will allow people to leave their name, email and a short message but in some case you may want to completely customise the way that works and the data that is collected.

There are many form builder extensions that will allow you to do this without any programming knowledge in the form of third party extensions.

Simply install the extension on your website, configure and publish anyway you wish. This article will go through a few ways that you can turn your basic website into a data collecting and lead generating website.

This may seem like one of the most simple things to do but for a novice that doesn't understand that their site is being cached it can cause all sorts of frustrations.

We usually get phone calls on the lines of, "Hey Peter, I'm doing some changes in the back end here but when I go to the front of the website it is not updating. Its saving and is definitely in the back end but I can't see it on the front. What's going on"? In which we reply, "Clear your cache". The Client will go and proceed to clear their browser cache but see nothing change and give up in frustration.

What they didn't understand here was that there is a website cache as well or how caching on their website works at all.

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