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Published: 18 May 2013
Painless and Secure Web Hosting Sign Up with SiteGround

SiteGround make signing up and getting started with hosting just that much easier!

As a Joomla service provider I've used many different hosting service providers in my time. Everything from Windows server environments, to Unix base ones and even Mac OSX servers. I've even setup numerous CentOS and Windows servers and for Joomla from scratch!

The sign up process for many hosting providers that I have used are mainly based on a piece of software called Web Host Manager CS (WHMCS) which is a brilliant piece of software that hooks into web host manager on a server and brings together an integrated support, billing and server management all into one place.

From a hosting point of view it is great and very straight forward in terms of setting up packages and selling what you have to offer.

I thought this was the same with SiteGround. Now I've never have signed up to SiteGround myself before, my clients have always signed up for their accounts and I've been given pre setup accounts from SiteGround for other projects, so I've never had to do through that sign up process.

The other day I had a personal project that I've been working on called Niche Extensions and of course the first place I turned to was SiteGround for the hosting and I thought it might actually be good to go through the process and document it so that others can see what they need to do and I was pleasantly surprised with the difference.

Now I've used WHMCS in the past when I was setting up the hosting environments and hosting solutions for PB Web Development. We were going down the path of web hosting and were testing the possible solutions that we could offer but I quickly found that we didn't have the skills or support staff to maintain the hosting solutions so that project quickly went on the back burner. I couldn't be the one and only person supporting the hosting environments. However, the whole experience did highlight to myself a few key points in setting up a hosting environment and customer service for a hosting service.

One factor was fraud protection for myself from users that signed up to my hosting service and the second was supporting the clients in a timely manner.

The fraud protection level is one that really stood out with SiteGround as well as the initial customer contact and support.


The initial sign up processes with SiteGround are not out of the ordinary. Follow the prompts and steps setting out the different options that you might want and navigating through the various up sales, not uncommon with any other hosting provider, but at the end of the process when I have entered in my credit card details I was contacted by SiteGround support via online chat and then called by one of their support staff to actually process the online payment as we spoke on the phone.


I chatted away with Teodora, my SiteGround sales rep, and processed my payment live. Now at this point there was an issue with my card and I couldn't proceed with the payment so I had to use a different payment method with another card. Teodora sent me another link where I could process my payment and away I went, all the time with Teodora still online chatting to me to make sure it all worked ok.

Now this has three results. One being that I didn't have the frustration of not being able to set up my account and get start right away with the website and two, SiteGround didn't loose a potential new sale on the site because of the credit card issue and thirdly, SiteGround could verify that I was a real person trying to setup a hosting environment and not a automated bot signing up to one of their servers to exploit it and send out spam email. That is GREAT! I feel just that little more assured knowing that just about all accounts are screened before signing up.

Just means that any other account and website that might be on the network or server is verified as a human and hopefully not a spammer or malicious user. I'm also going to assume that a spammer, hacker or anyone that is planning to do anything illegal would like a level of anonymity when signing up to a hosting environment. I could be completely wrong with that.


After the credit card was processed Teodora continued to stay chatting with me on the online chat to make sure that all of my details for the hosting account were sent through to my email and also that I could log into the account and get started with using the hosting account.



I made sure that I could log into the control panel of the hosting account and away I went. Perfect, signed up and ready to go.


Since I was migrating an existing website into their hostin servers they even offerent the migration process which would have saved me a bit of time but I do like to do somethings for myself and using AkeebaBackup just makes it quite simple.


If you've ever had a bad experience with other hosting providers or issues with the sign up process with other hosts, I can safely recommend SiteGround as a well rounded hosting solutions provider giving clients a hand held experience to the world of web hosting help them to get online faster and with less fuss.

I know I rave on about them constantly but I believe for good reason. As always you can take advantage of their 60% off their hosting accounts offer for all Joomla Beat listeners by following this link to their special deal for Joomla Beat listeners.


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Peter Bui

Peter Bui

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