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Published: 08 January 2014
Proposal writing with Quote Roller

A little while back I was talking to some other business owners about how the go about pitching and putting in proposals for work and it was interesting to see how much time other agencies and freelancers were putting in to get proposals done for jobs.

When you’re quoting for $100,000 USD jobs then I suggest that you do spend a large amount of time and investment into the proposal but for smaller jobs and jobs that are repeated and very similar, it may be better to work on templates or generic proposal responses that can be customised for the client.

This is one thing that we took up last year at PB Web Development and it really change how we quoted for work on smaller projects.

As I am the one that does all of the proposals and quotes for the agency, I know exactly how much time I spend when putting them together. Anything I could do to help save time and stop repeating myself over and over again would be beneficial.

The Old Way

The way that I would normally do quotes and proposals was with Word. Yes, good old Microsoft Word. It did a very good job for about 4 years when doing proposals. I could copy and paste from a master template and copy other snippets of information that I needed to make up the bulk of the new quotes.

That worked fine until I started to have to produce 2-3 quotes a day all with complex pricing and costing tables.

This made it complicated and a lot harder to price out projects. I started combining Excel with the process to work out costings and then embed that into the Word document and thats when I thought there had to be better options.

quoting proposal software Quote Roller

The New Way

When changing hosting providers in 2013, I stumbled across a proposal system called Quote Roller. The hosting company quoted my the new hosting environment and services via Quote Roller and I was quite impressed.

The part that attracted me to it was the auto expiry of quotes after a certain time period and the digital signature that goes with approving and accepting a quote.

I thought it was fantastic and gave it a trial.

During the trial was when I discovered a few other fantastic features of the system which were way better than gimmicky digital signatures and expiry dates.

Quote Roller allows you to easily create new quotes and proposals from templates. These templates can be formed from older or other quotes, or can be created quickly from a “Content Library” which you build up yourself.

This means I can easily and digitally pull in all the assets and pieces that I need to build a quote all in one quick and easy to use system. I have to admit it did take me awhile to get use to it and just as long to input all of the quote parts into the content library but now that I have it has been a huge time saver. I can push out 3 quotes in a morning and have them approved later that day ready to go into our job queues and project management systems to start work.

Quote Roller Plays Nice

Quote Roller even integrates with other services that we use on a regular basis making it seem like an integrated experience between everything. 

We can use Quote Roller to track our leads via HighRise, a simple customer relationship management solution.

When we win a proposal and the client accepts we can also invoice the client directly via FreshBooks or Xero to do our billing and invoicing. It just doesn't get any easier than than. A few clicks after the click accepts their proposal and they are invoiced straight away.

basecampnewfreshbooks highrisexero

(A few of the services that we use Quote Roller with)

So What Do We Think Overall? 

I’ve shared this with a few other people around the world and they all seem to think the same thing about it. Love it. Quote Roller is one of the SaaS solutions in 2013 that has really change our business and the way that we work.

If you’re at that stage where you find yourself spending too much time writing quotes then Quote Roller is that perfect solution.

It constantly changes and updates and the developers listen to the feedback that is given by the community. Usability changes are rolled out every few months and more and more features make it so easy to us.

I seriously give Quote Roller a 5 thumbs up rating! Love it! Thanks Quote Roller.

Quote Roller really has completely change the way that we do proposals at PB Web Development and has streamlined that process. Cutting down on the amount of time required and needed to create, send and track proposals has been amazing for the business. We can clearly see what is working and what isn't. We can celebrate the percentage of wins and look at creating that better conversion rate on our proposals so we always get the jobs that we want.

If you want to try it out, then try signing up under our affiliate link. We get a small percentage if you become a fan just like we have.


Peter Bui

Peter Bui

An all round web specialist with years of experience in web design, development and open source solutions at PB Web Development

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