Adding Google+ Comments to a Joomla website

One of the most important things about a blog is to have comments so that you can engage with your audience and readers. Creating engagement in your articles/website is a great way to create community engagement from your readers.

For years I personally have been using the Disqus commenting platform and I love it, but with more and more social integration becoming the norm, it is good to consider other alternatives such as Google+ comments.

Google+ Comments is essentially the commenting system that you see in the Google+ social network and on YouTube. Any activity that happens on your blog or website in regards to comments from users will also appear on that users Google+ profiles and network.

For some people, they may think Google+ is a dead social network, for me I think it is like the gold fields of untapped gold. It is a great platform but still in its early stages of growth. Getting in now (2014) can put you and your website in a really good position, and one way to help that is to add Google+ comments to your website. 

Instagram IconSo I did hear something along the grape 'Vine' that Instagram was going to launch video within it's App. I listened to an interview with one if the founders of Instagram saying that video was his next big project and I just assume that it was Vine. Maybe he did leave to start that up eventually but I can't find the details on that.

Today when I went to update my Apps on my iPhone I was pleasantly surprised to see that Instagram 4.0.1 was released with the new introduction of video into its mix. You can now do video Instagrams, as well as of course the regular photo ones! Furthermore, it has released filters on its videos making it one step better than Vine! I did a quick Google search on it and found out that I'm actually almost a week behind the news! Thats what happens when you work too much.

What does this mean for Vine, the original quick video sharing app? I think it will die even before it has really taken off unless it has a trump card or something special that really keeps its dedicated fans.

Optimising Titles for Improved SEO & Click Through Rates

Have you ever put thought into the exact wording of your titles and the title tag of your articles? If you haven't then you might be missing out on a key factor that could increase your search engine rankings and click through rates on your website.

This article will go through some hints and tips to choosing the right titles for your article and how to control them in your Joomla website to get the most out of your search engine optimisation for your articles and website.

Improve your Google Author Rank

In 2013, one of the most talked about factors to search optimisation from Google is AuthorRank. At the time of writing this, no one even knows if it will have an impact at all let alone have any influence on search results.

Either way, since mid 2012, we've seen steps and changes by Google to make authorship of content become much more prevalent.

In May 2012, we see the patent of Google's Author Rank raising alarm bells to what they're up to.

Later that year we see post after post all about Author Rank. Here is one in particular about preparing for the coming of Author Rank

So with such a fuss over Author Rank, what do you need to do to take advantage of it and make sure you're not left behind?

Here are 3 quick and easy steps to make sure your Google+ profile is set and ready to take advantage of anything that Google throws out.

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