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Published: 15 May 2013

For the Sydney Joomla User Group meetup this month I did a presentation on search optimisation with Joomla and here are the slides that went along with that presentation.

I went through 7 basic key factors that any Joomla newbie can get into and start working with in terms of getting their Joomla site better optimised from the beginning. The second half of the presentation I go through talking about microdata for Joomla and also other contributing factors to search optimisation for Joomla including AuthorRank and how that might play out this year in 2013.

I'll be doing a few follow up blog posts around the presentation to better explain some of the key concepts and the basics that I went through and perhaps produce a step by step guide ebook on all these aspects as well.

7 Ingredients to Search Optimisation for Your Joomla Website

1) Domain Name

The first step is to choose a good domain name for the website. A domain name with the keywords within the domain itself will help with the optimisation of the overall website.

I've written a detailed blog post about choosing a good keyword rich domain which will help when choosing a domain for your website.

Key things to remember include:

  • Keywords within your domain name
  • Age of the domain

2) Title Tags

Using keywords in your title tag but don't over do it.

Every page on your site should be used to focus on a particular keyword or keyword phrase. This is a great technique to capture long tail keyword phrases that are tied in to your main domain name.

3) Meta tags

Descriptions, keywords, canonical URLs

4) Heading Tags

Using heading tags on your website correctly and not how I'm using it on this site with the H1 tag in the logo and on the title of the article. Duplicate H1 tags on a page is bad an incorrect semantic layouts.

5) Search Engine Friendly URLs

Creating them in Joomla and customising the URLs

6) Breadcrumbs

Using breadcrumbs to control search results and provide additional navigation from a search engine results page to your site.

7) Content, Content, Content

Create good, desirable content, that is sticky, and sharable



The way we search is changing and we have to adapt our websites to the change in the web and how people use it.

Using microdata on your website to tell a search engine what information it is looking at on a web page. A search engine knows that there is content there but if we can separate the content into descriped chunks, the search engine can further organise that pages information in to more usable data.


Google AuthorRank

Google has stamped out bad content, spammy content, and spammy link generation techniques.

With the introduction of AuthorRank we now have an additional quality checker in terms of how a link to a website will make a difference to its value and effect.

Not only will PageRank have an effect but AuthorRank will have a factor in that too.

It is important to build up that authoritative profile on Google+ in order to gain authority in your links.

I'll post a few more links to AuthorRank tools and resources soon as we'll as the benchmark to Joomla Beat and my own profiles so that we can watch and see how the site and my profile changes over the next few months.



Now what?

I'll be updating this page more with further links and references and make this an authoritive page for search optimisation for Joomla. Lets see how it goes from 0 to something.

I've also started a Joomla SEO case study where I put everything that I've ever learnt about search optimisation into a live working project. That is, I'm starting from scratch on a brand new website and documenting every last step in the registration and build of the website to bring it up from non existing website to number 1 for the search terms that I am aiming for.


Good luck and may the search be with you, and don't forget to backup your websites.


Peter Bui

Peter Bui

An all round web specialist with years of experience in web design, development and open source solutions at PB Web Development

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