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Published: 06 August 2013
Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Individual (IQ) Qualification

The use of the Google Analytics tool is vital to any website. Track and monitor the performance of your site, while using this valuable information to improve your site. One way to utilise Google Analytics is to become Google Analytics Qualified.



What does it mean to be Google Analytics qualified?

 It is a proof of proficiency in Google Analytics, with this certification the individual has the knowledge to effectively leverage Google Analytics to a great advantage.

To complete this qualification the user must complete the Google Analytics IQ test, which is complemented by an in-depth step-by-step curriculum provided to help prepare for the test. 

The course material is provided free of charge to anyone who wishes to access it. To undertake the test a $50 fee applies and it is valid for 18 months from the date the test was taken.

There are four parts to the course material, starting with First Steps. This section involves using date ranges, data graphs, filtering and sorting, annotations, identifying metrics and dimensions and how to segment data using Advanced Segments.

Although the course material is to aid in the preparation of the test, it is also helpful for others who wish to become knowledgeable Google Analytics users.


The Test

To sign up to complete the test, head on over to the Google Testing Centre and sign up for an account (different from your Google login).

You have 90 minutes to complete the test, which has 70 questions.

A handy tip is that although you only have 90 minutes to complete the test, you can pause it and come back to it later (within 5 days). Have a separate browser open with all your course material readily available for referencing.

The pass mark is 80%, which gives you some flexibility with 14 questions wrong.

Once you pass you will receive a certificate and your name is then listed on Google’s qualification list.


Some Tips to Passing the Test

SEOTakeaways recommends that to pass the test, ‘you must develop a good practical understanding of various reports, metrics and features of Google Analytics. For example, just knowing the basic facts about filters through conversion university chapters is not enough. You must have practical knowledge of implementing filters.’

Also recommended is a good knowledge of regular expressions.


Practice Question Sites




Google Analytics Test Question from http://www.googleanalyticstest.com/

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