For a very long time, the idea of the x.5 series of a Joomla release is the stable and official version that you should be using and for a long time people would have been waiting for this release before upgrading, migrating or developing for the platform.

Rolling Versions

This is no longer the case and had not been since ~ November 2013.

You no longer have to use and wait for the x.5 release of Joomla. You just use the latest version of Joomla that you can download.

No longer are there two different or multiple versions, e.g 2.5.x and 3.1.x, of Joomla that you can download but only the one latest version.

Learn the basics of Joomla

There are many areas to Joomla to learn and at times it is a little overwhelming to learn all of the intricacies and functionalities of the system, but once you have mastered the basics and get a good understanding of the setup, all of the more complex functions and additions that you can add on to Joomla are actually very similar and easy to extend.

The overall initial learning curve is high, but after you have that base understanding, I personally find Joomla much more empowering than other content management and publishing systems out there and worth learning.

This is a guide to what you need to learn about Joomla in an order and structure that I believe is right to step you through the different aspects of the system. Over the years of teaching people how to use it, we've worked out a nice workflow teaching people one element after another. Each one is dependant on the previous to work to please step yourself through the direction and structure of this beginners guide to help you get the most out of Joomla!

On the 15th of September is Joomla's 9th Birthday! All those years ago, motions were put in place to split from the Mambo project and gave birth to Joomla. The excited community we're all able to start downloading, using and installing Joomla on that day!

People from around the world share their experiences in celebrating Joomla! in many ways from baking a cake, having awesome user group meetings or hanging out with other Joomla community members. What ever it is, share your celebrations with the rest of the Joomla! community and show them how much you love Joomla! and the community.

Share and use the hashtags #JoomlaBDay via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+.

Here are some terrible photos from 4 years ago when we we're celebrating Joomla's 5th birthday.

Thank you Joomla everyone in the community. We wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for such a great community.


Peter Russell interviews Gretchen Peters, a core developer of the Mambo project and then moved with Joomla!

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Peter Russell interviews Johan Janssens, a core developer of the Mambo project and then moved with Joomla!

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Peter Russell interviews Mitch Pirtle, a core developer of the Mambo project and then moved with Joomla!

Mitch talks about what attracted him to Mambo and then moved over to Joomla! at the split.

Mambo had everything that he needed at the time in regards to a fully featured CMS to provide solutions for his clients and customers.

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From time to time I tend to jump over the fence and check out what the other people are doing on the other side, and in this case I joined Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch on WPTavern for a podcast episode. I shared some information with their audience about Joomla! and learnt a few things as well in regards to what how something are done on the WordPress side of things.

Listen to the podcast episode at WPTavern

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This year J and Beyond visits Königstein near Frankfurt Germany, where Joomla enthusiasts from around the world converged to meet, mingle and learn from each other.

I was lucky enough to come along to this years conference as a part of the leadership training.

The events theme this years was all around investing in our future and investing in Joomla! an interesting topic where we could have a good overview over where the project is heading and what has change recently in the last few months.

Between the 30th of May and the 2nd of June we saw around 200 Joomla! designers, developers and implementers join in on various topics and sessions including the great, "Make It Happen" session on the second day where everyone who wasn't already a volunteer for the project get automatically placed into a working group to help out.

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