Another weekend and another great JoomlaDay event. This one a 3 day event held in Sarajevo at the Hollywood Hotel.

A couple of key Joomla names at this conference with key presentations, lots of learning and networking as well. We'll done to the organisers of the event. Looked like another great weekend.

You can find out more about the event at:

This is my Storify feed of the event over the weekend with key higilights that I've selected from people that have Tweeted and pushed out the event via the hashtag #jd13ba

AdminTools is a great extension developed by Nicholas Dionysopoulos, who also created AkeebaBackup, a well known and popular backup and migration tool for Joomla. AdminTools is a great extension to help you manage and maintain your Joomla versions as well as help secure your website using various security methods.

This post will go into some of the finer and more hidden features in AdminTools and how they can help manage and secure your Joomla website.

Another weekend passes and another great JoomlaDay event in Guatemale took place.

I hope to chat to David Hurley about the event and some other related topics that he presented on at the conference.

As always here is a Storify feed of the event and all the tweets from social media that I could dig up around the event.

You can also find all of the videos from the event at the main website which was broadcasted live from the day - 


The second day of JoomlaDay Netherlands 2013 unfolds and this is how it played out via social media.

I've managed to pick up a video of the Joomla Blues that Sander Potjer placed on YouTube and also a few of the slide presentations from a few of the presenters that they have placed online, so make sure you check that out as well.

I wasn't at the conference but it sure looked like a great Joomla Conferences from what I could see from social media. 

HostingWhen it comes to choosing the right hosting for your Joomla website there are many factors that you have to take into account from cost, security, support and performance.

Your key requirements in a server may determine where you host and which hosting provider you choose.

This review looks at one particular host which seems to tick all of the boxes in terms of cost, security, support and performance for Joomla websites and I can't recommend them enough. This hosting review will look at SiteGround specifically and how they have, from what I've personally experience, a well price and tuned server environment for Joomla websites.

SiteGround Logo

If you've listened to the first episode of the Joomla Beat Podcast you'd know that I've gone through quite a few hosting companies in my time and have experience a complete hosting environment failure where I've lost just about everything on my shared environment and had to build it up again from scratch.

So when I do find a good hosting company I stick with it.

Working with many different clients from around the world I get exposed to all sorts of hosting environments from cramped shared hosting servers all the way to scalable dedicated solutions.

Recently, however, I was approached by SiteGround about having the Joomla Beat Podcast hosted on their servers. I was a little hesitant at first but since they gave me a free trial I though I could at least give them a try. I have heard quite a lot of good things about SiteGround in the Joomla cummunity and they have been sponsoring many Joomla events around the world.

So when Tina from SiteGround set me up with an account, a simple shared environment account I might add, I though why not, but I'm going to put them to the test before I would start recommending them myself.

In podcast episode 5 I mentioned just how important it was to maitrain and update yourversion of Joomla to keep it secure and hopefully bug free.

Every patch release for Joomla comes with a whole bunch of updates and fixes as well asecurity fixes if there is a need for them.



RSSEO from RSJoomla

There are are quite a few ways to manage your Joomla website's search engine optimisation in terms of metadata control and so forth but one tool that we've been using for years at PB Web Development and seems stand out above the rest in terms of being able to easily manage and control an entire site's metadata including, meta descriptions, meta keywords, canical URLs, keyword density and much more.

In Joomla normally you can add all of the metadata at the article or the item level when creating new content on a website, but you can also add metadata at the category level and can also override metadata in the menu system or have a 'blanket' base metadata set across the entire website which is set up on the global configuration of the website.

With so many different areas to go an manage your metadata it can become confusing and frustrating for clients to figure out where all their metadata is across the entire website, and where to go to manage and update all this metadata.

This is where RSJoomla's RSSEO tool comes in to help.

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