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Published: 26 September 2015

In 2016, Martina and I will be travelling throughout South East Asia working on our businesses as well as visiting various Joomla User Groups, training locals in how to use Joomla and of course, enjoying all the food and sights.

This post details the planning details, bookmarks to all the VISA we need to apply for to travel to the various countries and anything else that we need in regards to planning our trip overseas for several months.

We hope that this post will help anyone else planning to come to any of these countries from Australia for business/pleasure and extended stays.

Visa Allowances and Requirements


  • VISA forms - Applications are to be done at the Sydney Consulate, Level 1, Philippine Center, 27-33 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney NSW 2000
  • VISA allows us to stay up to 59 days in the country.

Hong Kong

VISA requirements - none, Australians are allows 90 days free travel in Hong Kong, details are SmartTraveller.gov.au


Valid VISA required to enter Vietnam, a separate Work Visa is required if working in Vietnam. Visa can be applied for online via the website.

3 month tourist visa can be issued. DL class visa.


30 day Visa for tourist, application online


30 day tourist visa waiver - 90 day visa possible for business obtained at consular website.  ~$90 for application


Visa not required for Australian tourists for up to 3 months. No signs of business visas.


Short term traveller pass will grant a traveller with 2 - 4 week stays. For longer stays, an extended visa is required and will last up to 89 days.


Visitors may be granted a 30-day visa on arrival for a fee of $US35. Processed at Immigration or sometimes on the flights over to Jakarta or Bali. 

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