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Published: 01 July 2014

From time to time I tend to jump over the fence and check out what the other people are doing on the other side, and in this case I joined Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch on WPTavern for a podcast episode. I shared some information with their audience about Joomla! and learnt a few things as well in regards to what how something are done on the WordPress side of things.

Listen to the podcast episode at WPTavern

{pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[http://wptavern.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/EPISODE-153-The-Joomla-Beat-With-Peter-Bui.mp3]}

I've always been a user of WordPress and try to attend Meetups on a regular basis here in Sydney, Australia. I also try and preach the idea of sharing ideas and learning from other open source projects, (usually with little or no success).

In this podcast episode, Jeff, Marcus and I chat about the state of Joomla, what has changed in the last few years within the project and the community and the future of the project overall.

I talk about a lot of the exciting changes that are happening in the community, marketing aspects that are being determined and how Joomla's community driven development and organisation was shaped, formed and is driven.

You can read the show notes for the episode at the WPTavern website and find out more about the show there.

Peter Bui

Peter Bui

An all round web specialist with years of experience in web design, development and open source solutions at PB Web Development

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