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Published: 04 February 2013
RSSEO from RSJoomla

There are are quite a few ways to manage your Joomla website's search engine optimisation in terms of metadata control and so forth but one tool that we've been using for years at PB Web Development and seems stand out above the rest in terms of being able to easily manage and control an entire site's metadata including, meta descriptions, meta keywords, canical URLs, keyword density and much more.

In Joomla normally you can add all of the metadata at the article or the item level when creating new content on a website, but you can also add metadata at the category level and can also override metadata in the menu system or have a 'blanket' base metadata set across the entire website which is set up on the global configuration of the website.

With so many different areas to go an manage your metadata it can become confusing and frustrating for clients to figure out where all their metadata is across the entire website, and where to go to manage and update all this metadata.

This is where RSJoomla's RSSEO tool comes in to help.

Joomla metadata management all in one area

RSSEO is a detailed tool that allows you to manage all of your pages metadata in one spot as well as allowing for manual control of your site's XML site map that can be submitted to Google and many other analysis tools that any search engine specialist would find useful.

RSSEO works by crawlling the pages on your website as a search engine would and indexes all of the pages and all of the current metadata that is available for all the pages across the website including, articles, k2 times, categories and any other components that might exist.

RSSEO page analysis

From this area of the extension it will run through an analysis of all the pages and give it a rating as a percentage depending on how you have written your meta data for that page and whether or not the page has been modified and optimised in RSSEO yet or not.

When clicking on a particular page's details in RSSEO's interface you will be presented with a details screen for that particular link where the metadata can be re-written.

All your Joomla website's metadata on one screen

RSSEO details page

Everything from the page's title, keywords set, page description, canonical urls and site map details can all be change and optimised from the one screen.

Features such as the Canonical urls will help with a site that has duplicate URL issues as well.

Other features such as being able to set a page's update frequency, and page priority gives a webmaster the ability to control how the Google XML site map will be generated from the website.

SEO Grade Card

SEO Score analysis

Users are also presented with an SEO score analysis card for each page that they optimise in order to give the user an idea of how their page is actually going in terms of page optimisation. Tweaks and changes can be done to the website in order to improve the SEO score according to how the webmaster or content writers would want the page to appear in Google.

Being able to simply manage all a website's metadata from one area makes mass updating of the website's information far easier than it would when having the information spread across different areas of the website.

If you haven't yet given RSSEO a go please at least try the free trial download of the extension and start using it on your website.

Tips when using RSSEO

There are a few tricks when using it though.

If you're using SH404SEF on your website as well, you will find that it has it's own metadata controller and that will sometimes override any of the data that you enter into RSSEO. It is important to disable SH404SEF's metadata controls when using RSSEO.

Another catch is Joomla's page cache. Since RSSEO pulls in the data live from the website, if you don't turn off the cache or purge before each update or your metadata, you will also loose all of your metadata work in RSSEO. Make sure you turn off caches when you are optimising your metadata with RSSEO.

Check out the RSSEO extension. I highly recommend it!



Peter Bui

Peter Bui

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