In this interview we are joined by a few members of the Fabrikar team as well as the team leader of the Joomla! Extension Directory to talk about the awesome new directory that has been created for the Joomla! community.

Matt Baylor, the team leader for the Joomla Extension Directory, and a few team members from Fabrikar, Rob Clayburn & Hugh Messenger share their experiences.

They'll share with us the process, how they went about building the new directory, some of the challenges and what the future holds for the directory.

It looks like Google is rolling out a new share button as a part of your Google account links. Now you won't only see the quick links to the different areas of your Google Account such as your profiles and apps, but in between then a little share icon that allows you to share content with your Google Circles.

I haven't yet found any other references to this new little icon that is starting to appear on Google account related pages. 

I suspect that it won't appear on some such as Google Adwords and Google Analytics etc.

This video takes you through how we setup our projects at PB Web Dev into a git repository and hosting it on BitBucket. The application that we are using to manage the project is called SourceTree. It is another application and offering from the company called Atlassian who provide software development tools for small to large companies around the world. We've fallen in love with the suite of tools that Atlassian provide and this video shows how we use them and set them up for our team members.

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