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Published: 05 March 2015

Ordering the articles and changing the way they are displayed in Joomla is really easy. All of the magic happens in the module manager of the system. It may seem quite confusing at first in regards to how and why the menus are managing the display at first but you'll see the flexibility of it all later when diving deeper into Joomla's layouts.

Changing the Order

Simply go to the menu item that is controlling the page that you are wanting to rearrange. This will be a category layout of some sort as you can change the ordering of a single article page, (that doesn't make sense).

Navigate to the layout options tab for that menu item and scroll down until you see 'article ordering' options.

These options will allow you to rearrange how the articles are displayed on the site.

Play around and manipulate the ordering until you have the right settings and combination that you require for your website layout.

Peter Bui

Peter Bui

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Changing the Ordering of Articles in Joomla | Videocast - Joomla Beat Podcast