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Published: 19 June 2013

Richard Pearce is a fellow Sydney Joomla User Group member based in Sydney. He's worked for many years in the web industry and now runs a website called BuildAJoomlaWebsite.com, a video training and tutorials website all about Joomla.

He joins me on the Joomla Beat Podcast to talk a little about Joomla, his journey into the web space and what he has planned for Build a Joomla Website.

It is a fantastic resource if you're just getting into Joomla although he does have to update a lot of the videos to be inline with Joomla 3.

Richard now spends most of his time working on and promoting the video training as well as in person training and coaching around Joomla.

Show Notes

ep23-cover-richard-pearceInterview with Richard Pearce

Richard has been working in the web sphere for over 17 years and now runs his online video training website all around Joomla.

He has a natural knack for training users in person and online.


Find out more about Richard and his BuildAJoomlaWebsite.com training website.

Find him on his YouTube Channel, Twitter and Facebook.

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Ep23 - Interview with Richard Pearce from Build A Joomla Website - Joomla Beat Podcast - Joomla Beat Podcast