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Published: 05 July 2014

This week in Joomla! industry news we have a few exciting headlines.

  • K2 Version 3 is coming
  • New Media Manager
  • Joomla! Developers' Conference
  • JoomlaDay Mexico
  • JoomlaDay Minnesota

K2 Version 3 is Coming

Fotis from JoomlaWorks in Greece has shared a video of the new version of K2 that will be coming out soon. There are no details as to when it will be released but from what we can see it looks pretty nice, clean and should add a whole new dimension to Joomla publishing.



New Media Manager

As a part of the Google Summer of Code, student Buddhima Wijeweera has been assigned the task of building the new media manager for Joomla. This is a rewrite of the existing Joomla Media manager with a whole bunch of new ideas and features to really drive the project forward.

Users in the future will be able to upload and edit images in the media manager, as well as tag and reference images. Parts of the media manager will be database referenced meaning that there will be ways to access images via database queries and searches.

Media Manager Document Overview

Joomla! Developer Conference 2014

The first ever Joomla Developer conference has been organised as a two day event for anyone that is interesting in getting their hands dirty and learning how to code with Joomla! The two day conference is setup with workshops that will let any budding developer learn the ins and outs of coding with Joomla!

Find out more information at http://devcon.joomla.org 

JoomlaDay Mexico

This event is in the lead up to the major Joomla! World Conference later in 2014.

Tickets for JoomlaDay Mexico are free but you will have to register at the JoomlaDay Mexico website: http://www.joomladaymexico.com

JoomlaDay Minnesota

JoomlaDay Minnesota is sold out! If you're lucky enough to have purchased your ticket to go then you will be enjoying a huge line up of presentations, networking and learning over the weekend.

For more information please visit: http://joomladay.mn  


For more JoomlaDay Events, check out http://events.joomla.org


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