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Published: 13 March 2014

This Google Hangout we chat about a few aspects to do with Joomla and it's licensing change of the Joomla! Framework and looking at the heat debate that happened all around it for the past few weeks. 

Dawn RussellTim PlummerJames Weir and Niv Froehlich all join me on this Google Hangout to talk about all aspects around these issues.

Thanks again for joining me in the Google Hangout.

Over the past few weeks there has been much debate and conversation around the proposed change of the Joomla! Framework license.

The Joomla! Framework is a bit of code that is used to power parts of the Joomla! CMS and there was a request and working group put together in regards to changing that license to suit other developers on the wider PHP community.

The idea of changing over the license would be to help open it up to other developers and hopefully attract more developers to the Joomla!code itself. Showing the wider community what Joomla can potentially do for them. The idea is a good one and can potentially work, just that a lot of people are also against the idea as they believe that the framework should either be renamed to avoid the confusion between the framework and CMS and opening up the license for commercial use can create closed propriety issues and closed source software which is against the ideas of the Joomla! project.

This open discussion involves a few members from the community including:

It was interesting to have Niv join us on the conversation as Niv's stance early on in the debate was anti GPL and anti license change. To the end of the debate his stance change to one of being open to the LGPL and being able to see other benefits.

If you have yet to see the debate about the license change on the Joomla forums please check out the thread. Last I checked it was well over 37 pages and 1098 posts.


Jessica Dunbar also join in later on in the conversation to talk about Joomla! and its marketing efforts so far this year for the project.


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Peter Bui

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