This Google Hangout we chat about a few aspects to do with Joomla and it's licensing change of the Joomla! Framework and looking at the heat debate that happened all around it for the past few weeks. 

Dawn RussellTim PlummerJames Weir and Niv Froehlich all join me on this Google Hangout to talk about all aspects around these issues.

Thanks again for joining me in the Google Hangout.

Unite Revolution Slider Unite Revolution Slider
5 out of 5

Unite Revolution Slider has to be one of the best and easy to customise slideshow for Joomla out there. Quick and very easy to use with lots of special effects and animation types to choose and play with for your Joomla site.

Built and put together by the guys at, it is based on the WordPress plugin called Slider Revolution by ThemePunch but add its all the glory just for Joomla.

Hopefully, in the next release of the Joomla content management system, Joomla 3.1.2, we will see the introduction of a new feature called, "content version control" for Joomla.

This is a long time requested feature and it is finally going to happen.

A few weeks ago I saw some buzz and information go out about the new feature and requests from the community for feedback.

This video podcast goes through the new feature and how it works in the latest BETA release.

In this video we look at managing the menu items under the Joomla menu management system.

We find out how to:

  1. order menu items,
  2. add new menu items
  3. add sub menu items
  4. and some of the more advanced menu management optiosns that are available in Joomla.

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